More cycling fun for more people!
Comfort and taste without compromise


The SKUBY’s kids’ version is more than just a normal bicycle – it grows as your kids grow. This means children can have fun with it for longer, and it’s easier on the ride too. From about the age of 3-1/2 to 9-1/2 years. Can use the bikes as scooters for their balance & transformer into child’s bike by pushing the pedals properly.

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While a large part of the world family believes that bikes are just transport machines and another thinks that bikes are sporting goods – it is new acceptable, beyond the circles of real aficionado’s, to see bikes as an individual fashion statement. And what better symbol of the good times that a nice, nostalgic cruiser bike to take a spin after-dinner, maybe have a coffee at an outdoor café – no hurry, no worry. Take it easy, that’s what these bikes seem to say.

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AUTO Series

The refined AUTO-D with INTER-3 makes automatic bikes easier to ride for more people. The completely self-energizing mechanism, automatic light and compact control unit makes its visual appearance simple and clear. The new system realizes more comfortable and user-friendly automatic riding.

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Just for the fun of it ‘’seems the owners of this kind of styling elements have two reasons for buying: one is definitely the cool factor: the other is something far deeper, all these products have in common that their lines are simple and sleek.
There are many inspiring designs that could be adapted to create a truly European version of the cruiser. No, a retro trend is not a brake on design at all, on the contrary it can be a powerful accelerator.

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E Series

The SKUBY has a big task of ahead of it; In time it will replace the majority moneymakers for scooters & 50cc mopeds. When asked what the target group is for the SKUBY, the answer is: From 14 till 80 years, that is why we have the different levels. The elegance is targeted at trendy ladies, while the classic is aimed at the budget price market – there are no A-brand affordable scooters on the European market – now there is the SKUBY-E. Once of the primary target areas are the city-dweller : it is obvious that SKUBY-E is a perfect alternative for short distance city transport.

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We are not satisfied with the current styling of the bikes. We’ve never regarded the SKUBY as the bike only but also a boutique with the special or customized design.

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Let’s face it: travelling in the city by car, bus or train isn’t cool or individual. And as for fun… forget about it. The SKUBY offers the perfect alternative for travelling in urban traffic. As our constant slogan says: COMFORT AND TASTE WITHOUT COMPROMISE.